Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tutorial: Tea light sleeve out of paper and fabric

Die Anleitung für den Teelichthalter aus Stoff und Papier auf Deutsch findet Ihr hier.

Do you want to make some tea light sleeves out of fabric and paper with me? The paper projects is a perfect one to make with the kiddos:-)

For the fabric sleeve you will need:

  •  tea light glass - lower diameter 15 cm, upper diameter 18 cm, height 6,5 cm – the pattern is a bit longer to fit a "fatter" glass, but the glass holders from Ikea are too large. If you have a holder with different dimensions, enlarge and print the pattern and make some adjustments to the lower and upper curve while holding/ wrapping the pattern onto your glass.
  • 46 x 8 cm cotton for the sleeve
  • 23 x 8cm plus 15 x 15cm Vilene H 630 or similar for the sleeve and wings
  • 4,5 cm Velcro
  • 30 x 30 cm cotton fabric for the wings
  • Pattern (here)
Place the 46 x 8 cm strip of fabric in front of you face down. Iron the 23 x 8 cm Vilene interfacing on one side of the strip (still on the wrong side!) and transfer the pattern on the other side. Fold the fabric onto itself with the right sides together and sew on the transferred line leaving an opening for turning. Clip the corners, turn, iron and top stitch the opening close to the edge. Sew the velcro on as marked in the pattern. Check the exact position of the velcro by holding the sleeve onto your glass.

Sewing the wings:

Iron the interfacing to one left side of your wing fabric and transfer the pattern onto the other (still wrong side of fabric). Fold the fabric in half with right sides facing each other and sew on the line. Do not leave an opening for turning! Cut the wings out and clip all the corners and curves. Cut a slit in the fabric on the side that does not have the interfacing - see the patterns for a marking. Turn to the right side and iron. If you like you can also top stitch the lines as marked on the pattern.

Sew the wings onto the sleeve using a wide zigzag or decorative stitch.

Dress your glass, light a tea light and you are done!

The next tutorial is for the same kind of holder, but made out of paper which makes it for a perfect projects to make with the kids.

You will need:

-  color printer
- double sided matt paper or card stock  160/200 gr
- scissors
- glue
- tea glas- as explained above

Print the pattern onto your card stock and let dry. Return the paper into the printer and print the second pattern on the still white side of the paper. Cut everything out.

Place the wings on top of each other and either glue or sew them onto the strip. You will get the best positionig by measuring on your glass.

I sewed mine here, but I think that glueing is a lot easier.

Wrap your strip around the glass. The ends will overlap so that you can glue them. Fold the wigs a bit towards the center and you are done!

Wish you lots of fun making these!

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