Friday, August 9, 2013

Print yourself a cosmetic bag / Drucke Dir eine Kosmetiktasche

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One day I said to my hubby that I am going to print myself a cosmetic bag. Puzzled, he looked at me asking:" what do you mean, you gonna print yourself a cosmetic bag?". Well, it is easy. You just need a sheet of printable fabric for the Ink Jet printer, the printer of course and some sewing stuff.

The printing results are excellent and the bag can be washed in the machine. The colors will get a bit lighter after washing, but because cosmetic bags aren't washed so often, it is not a problem. Another way to prevent loss of color is to laminate the printed fabric. Here we have a product called Lamifix. It is a kind of foil that gets ironed onto the fabric. Once laminated, the fabric is not machine washable any more. Not a problem: use some laminated cotton for the inside as well and the cosmetic bag will just get wiped clean. Here a picture of the printed fabric before washing (left) and after (right).

One can make many more different bags. Those here I made using Photoshop and Illustrator.

This one here is laminated. 

Take a look at the video on how easy it is. The video has German texts, but one can see and understand the process. 

Wanna make one too? Here is what you will need:
- One sheet of printable fabric
- 20 x 27 cm volume batting to iron on
- 21 x 30 cm piece of cotton for the lining
- 17 cm zipper (per yard)
- zipper pull
- 35 cm bias tape
- some woven ribbon for the zipper pull
- helpful: double sided tape for sewing- we have here a product called Stylefix
- Pattern 1 - with text "my stuff"
- Pattern 2 - fully editable PDF to enter your own text
 Short instructions:
1. Open the PDF File. If you are taking the editable one, to type your text in, simply click on it and type. Choose the following printer settings:
- best quality
- remove scaling
2. Take a look at your printer. How does one place the paper in it? This graphic here shows that I have to place the paper with the side to print on down. This means, that I have to place the fabric sheet with the fabric side down into my printer. Put your fabric in and print.
3. Let the sheet dry 12 hours or more, then carefully pull the paper backing off and rinse the fabric under running water. Lay flat to dry. During this time prepare your bias tape, zipper, batting and lining.
4. Iron 2 to 3 minutes on cotton setting to permanently fixate the ink. Iron the batting onto the left side of your printed fabric and cut the bag shape out.
5. Sew the bias tape on the bottom and top edge of the bag. Place it face down in front of you and pin or tape the zipper face down onto the bias tape just sewn. Let some zipper overlap on each side. Tape or pin the lining face down onto the zipper and sew all the layers with a zipper foot. Repeat on the other side.
6. Install the zipper pull and close the zipper half way.
7. Fold the bag in a way that the lining pieces are facing each other. Pin the sides and bottom if you like. I was ok without pinning. Sew the sides, sewing a few times back and forth over the part  where the zipper is. Then sew the bottom leaving a 7 - 8 cm opening for turning.
8. Sew all corners by placing the side seam onto the bottom seam. I used an allowance of 1.5 cm. The bigger the allowance the wider will be the bottom of the bag.
9. Turn your bag to the right side and close the opening for turning.
10. Install your zipper pull embellishments and enjoy!


  1. Kasia,

    I wonder always where you get your ideas from? This is so great... and cool...

    thanks for sharing...


  2. Tolle Idee, sehr sehr schön. Sieht sduper asus.
    LG Suse


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