Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tutorial: Fabric Necklace with Buttons to change/ Stoffkette mit Wechsel-Buttons

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In the last post I made a peter pan collar from the fabric remnants that I had left over from the pants- project. This cute fabric necklace is great for a little girl as she can change the buttons as she likes.
One can also install another snap on a bag, t-shirt or jacket and snap the flowers onto it. Cool!

You will need:

- some cotton fabric
- some Jersey fabric
- snaps (I used Kam Snaps) 2 complete sets for this tutorial, more if you will be making more buttons
- wool felt 2mm thick 20x 30 cm
- hot glue
- Pattern

Sewing the necklace:

1. Trace the pattern onto the left side of your cotton fabric, place another piece of the cotton fabric  right sides together and sew on the traced line. Leave the bottom open.

Prepare 2 of those pieces. Turn to the right side and iron.

2. Cut 5 strips out of jersey fabric. I cut mine at about 2 cm wide and 30 cm long and stretch them until the edges curl on themselves. The length of the necklace can be trimmed/ adjusted later.
3. Turn the open edges of the cotton piece towards the inside, about 1 cm or so and slip one side of the strips into that opening. Pin and sew. In this step you can also continue to sew and top stitch all around the cotton piece. Repeat on the other side, but remember to insert the other side of the strips into the opening before you top stitch.

4. Install the snaps.

Make the flower:

1. Cut six 45 mm circles out of the wool felt plus one 35 mm. On the 35 mm circle install the snap in the middle.

2. Take 5 of the 6 circles and glue them as follows: once in half and then again in half.

3. Glue 4 of the petals in the middle of the sixth circle and the fifth petal on top in the middle

4. Glue the small circle with the snap' s smooth side down on the back of the flower

5. Make some more buttons in the same manner

Have fun!

The next time I will show you how to make this button holder for your new necklace


  1. boa, wie klasse ist das denn....super idee

  2. Ach wie hübsch! Besonders deine Buttons gefallen mir super, würden auch tolle Broschen abgeben! :-)
    Grüß dich ganz lieb, Claudi


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