Saturday, June 8, 2013

Peter Pan Collar- Tutorial/ Wende-Bubikragen Anleitung

Anleitung auf DE findet Ihr hier.

After I made the cool pants for Tina, I had some fabric and remnants left over. Already made the pimped up t shirt out of a scrap of left over jersey fabric and still had some fabric left. Peter Pan Collars are popular these days and are a nice way to compliment any outfit. Especially nice in this case is that I used the fabrics from the pant project. This way I have used up the rests and we have a matching collar that can be worn on both sides.

Tina likes it. Do you guys also want to make one?

Materials needed:

- cotton fabric remnant
- jersey fabric remnant
- 50 cm ric-rac
- about 70 cm bias tape
* interfacing if your fabrics are very thin

The pattern is from Kasia at I Love Sewing. Thank you Kasia!

Cut the collar on fold out of the cotton fabric and sew the ric- rac on as shown in the picture. The ric rac should be hanging a bit more than half way over the edge of the collar.

Place the cotton collar piece with the right side down onto the jersey fabric, pin and sew exactly on the line that you have sewn before while sewing the ric-rac on. The other side stays open. Cut out, turn to the right side and iron well. If you like, you can now top stitch as I did using a straight or decorative stitch.

Open each end of the bias tape, lay it with the right sides together and stitch the end. Fold the tape back into its old form and iron. Now you have finished ends. Pin the bias tape starting in the middle. I do not like pinning so much so I used a double sided sewing tape to hold the bias tape while sewing. I used a zigzag to sew the inner part of the curve and switched to straight stitch to sew the straight part (ties) of the tape. I was able to switch the stitch on my machine during sewing. This was great because I did not have to secure the stitches at the end of the curve.

 Cute, right?


  1. Hi Kasia,
    what a nice idea!!!
    Tina looks very happy in her new outfit !
    What a cute little girl...
    ... but right now you have to go into your garden to enjoy the sun there and to plant some green stuff snails don´t like...
    Good Luck
    and have a nice day

  2. those pants are too cute... and it just looks adorable on your daughter...

    lovely regards


  3. Eine super schöne Anleitung




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