Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Winter Fleece Dress / Winterkleid aus Fleece

Since December 2012 I have been preparing sewing projects and writing posts for the German speaking BERNINA Blog. One of the latest projects was a fleece dress with an applique. I have gotten the permission to translate those tutorials for you here and hope that you will enjoy them.

Seit Dezember letztes Jahres bereite ich diverse Anleitungen für den deutsch-sprachigen BERNINA Blog. Eine der letzten Projekten ist es ein Winterkleid aus Fleece gewesen. Die deutsch-sprachigen Kollegen können sich die Anleitung und die Vorlagen direkt bei BERNINA anschauen und herunterladen. Viel Spass beim Nacharbeiten!

Materials needed:

- Pattern: Amelie from Farbenmix
- Fleece-Amount according to the pattern specifications – I made here size 122/128 and needed about 1 Meter of fleece
- Ribbing - amount according to the pattern specifications
- some bigger fabric remnants for the applique
- some bigger pieces of knit fabric for the legs and the turtle neck
- optional: pleated tape or ribbon for the lower seam of the dress
- KamSnaps if you are making the turtle neck version
- Applique template: here
- matching sewing threads
- sewing or embroidery thread in brown or black, embroidery bobbin thread
- embroidery stabilizer
- wonder under for the applique

1. Cut the pattern pieces out of fleece.
2. Print the applique template. you might have to reduce or enlarge it depending on the size of dress you are making. The template provided fits for size 122/128.
3. Transfer all the applique pieces onto the paper side of the wonder under, cut them roughly out and iron them onto the according fabrics. Then cut them out exactly on the lines drawn.
4. Cut 2 strips of jersey for the legs (mine were each 25 x 10 cm)Fold them on themselves with the right sides together and sew one short and the long side together. Sew it with a serger or with a normal machine using a jersey needle and a zigzag or another stretch stitch. Turn your tubes to the right side and make a knot on the closed end.
5. Place all of the applique pieces accordingly on the front and back of the dress, remove the paper backing and iron them in place. Use a sheet of baking paper or so not to burn/ melt the fleece and do not forget to insert the legs under the dress piece of the applique. Trace or draw the applique details marked in red on the applique template.

6. Install a darning foot and a top stitch needle on your machine and lower the feed dogs. Place the embroidery bobbin thread on the bottom and the black or brown thread on top. Using the free motion embroidery /quilting technique sew all of the fabric pieces of the applique first and then the details.

7. Remove all of the unnecessary threads and sew the shoulder pieces together by placing the front and back of the dress right sides together and pinning the shoulder pieces together.

8. Cut the ribbing according to the pattern and fold it on itself lengthwise with the left sides together. Pin the ribbing onto the arm holes (right on right) stretching it slightly and sew it on with a jersey needle and a stretch stitch. you can also top- stitch it afterwords.

9. Now sew the side seams.
10. the pattern suggests ribbing around the neck. I saw this idea at Mimi Näht and hat to try it right away!
To do this look up the length of the ribbing needed for the size dress that you are sewing and add 27 cm to it. then cut that x length x 14 cm wide out of fleece and jersey. Place both of them right sides together and sew both of the short sides and one of the long ones with a stretch stitch together. Turn over and iron it a bit. Fold it on itself to a circle so that about 4- 5 cm are overlapping and pin together.  Turn your dress to the left side and slip the "turtle neck" into the dress. Make sure that the lengths a fitting - if not, adjust it and pin it place. Sew it on and top stitch if you want.

10. Install the snaps.
11. Finish the bottom seam. I used the pleated tape here. I measured the lenght on the dress and have sewn the tape to a circle. Then I pinned the tape onto the dress with right sides together and top stitched it at the end.

If you like add some embellishments to the piggy tails.

Should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to write me.


  1. Wow ist das süß geworden! Besonders die Appli ist zucker!
    LG Jenny

  2. Ein wirklich tolles Kleid, da möchte man glatt noch mal Kind sein ;o)
    Lieben Gruß von der Maus

  3. Hallo Kasia,

    das Kleid ist voll der Hammer!!! Sehr schön. Und Tina scheint es ja auch zu gefallen …



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