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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Re-post of the Advent Calendar- Tutorial from the Creativity week at 733

what a fun it was to have written my very first gueast post. Thank you Kim for the invite. I am reposting this tut here so you guys do do not have to search for it, but please visit Kim at 733 for many more tutorials.

I have been a bit MIA. Decided to take a break from blogging. I do not know how you guys do it - full time job, kids, home, blogging, linking and some of you even sell on Etsy. Wow!

So here is the re-post.

The time of Advent is probably the nicest time of the year. Each day there is something small hidden in the calendar. Last year as Tina was 2, she was very impressed with her first advent calendar. The very first thing that she said each morning, was if she may open a bag. Until today she talks about it. Oh, it is so nice to be a child...

I would like to thank Kim for inviting me to be a part of the Creativity week. I hope that you enjoy the project that I prepared for you.

You will need:

-wreath 30 cm
-some cotton fabric for the moose
-some red micro- fleece for the antlers
-some ribbon for the neck tunnel and for hanging up the wreath
-optional some scrapbooking chalk to blush the cheeks
-a piece of red felt for the nose
-sewing utensils
-24 felt numbers (1-24)
-24 small gift string bags or fabric and notions to make them – I bought mines, but there are many tutorials on -the net to make some yourself
-fabric paint and fabric scraps for decorating the bags
-black fabric pen for tracing and outlining the images
-optional some x-masy stencils
-some wonder under if you are appliqueing some of the bags
-24 jeweled brads to attach the felt numbers
-2 wiggly eyes

Making the gift bags 

As I sad, I bought mine, because the painting and decorating is already a lot of work. I did it over 2 to 3 weeks time. I gathered x-masy images from catalogs and goggled some. I cannot give you the images as some of them a re copy- righted.

1. Put a piece of cardboard or stiff foil into the bag and trace the image onto it. I have a light table, but a window will work. If you are doing it on a window tape it with some painter's tape to hold it in place.

2. After tracing the image, paint it with fabric paints. When dry, follow the manufacturer's instructions for setting or puffing up the paint. Take a look at these post (Post 1, Post 2, Post 3) for some instructions on working with fabric paint.

3. Attach the felt number with a brad.

Making the moose

I was inspired by the Tilda moose in a wreath, but the pattern is a modified pattern of Nikitta, the hoby horse. This brings me also to the idea, that if you like, you could make the moose a bit bigger and prepare it to be a hobby- moose. This way the moose becomes to be the 24th present. If you would like to do this, follow the instructions on inserting the dowel from the hobby horse tutorial. You should also probably make the moose bigger.

1. Enlarge the pattern (pattern 1, pattern 2) to the desired size. My wreath was 30 cm and the pattern that I am providing is for that size. Print and trace the pattern.
Cut the two head pieces on fold as marked and sew on the lines indicated. Before you sew the bottom part, iron the under edges to form a hem and sew.

2. Sew a tunnel on the bottom of the neck piece as marked. I used 26 cm of a wide grosgrain ribbon

3. Make the ears. Place your 2 fabrics facing each other. I sew then I cut. Turn over and iron to set the seams.

4. Pin the top and bottom pieces. Do not forget the ears! I folded the ears into the middle- see picture. Sew and turn.

5. Stuff the moose firmly and close the bottom with a ribbon that you have inserted into the tunnel.

6. Sew the antlers. Turn over and stuff firmly. Sew onto the head by hand. When sewing, try to grab as much stuffing as possible. This will make the antlers stand up. You can also put some wire through the head and into the antlers if you like.

7. Sew the nose on by hand. On the sides fold the felt a bit, making a tuck- this will later look like the nostrils.

8. Glue or sew the eyes on and if you like blush the cheeks.

9. Attach the moose onto the wreath. I sewed it on with a couple of stitches, but you can hot glue it if you do not intend to make a hobby moose out of it. Tie some ribbon for hanging.

10. Stuff your goodie bags and hang them on the antlers and wreath.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

In connection with the Creativity  Week at 733, I will be making one of those cool PET rings for you as a giveaway. You choose color and size of course! Details will follow on Kim's Blog.

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