Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Horse Birthday Party

So my little button turned 5 in December... Wow the time went by soooo fast! Tina wished for a horse party.

This is the invitation made with a digi scrapbooking kit.

I took the same design for the goodie bags and straw labels...

We also made many horses from Ann Wood. All the children that came were also making one of those to take with.

Tina liked them so much that we had to make a mobile for her bed

We also made a huge number 3 in pink of course!

The obligatory b-day shirt and crown made with heat transfer foil and silhouette

Almost forgot, the most important: muffins with fondant horses and a funny looking horse cake. The fondant idea I found on Pinterest.

Someone did help with the muffins and cake:)

We gathered all the horses that we had and decorated the room with them

It was a cute party!

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  1. Как чудесно, когда в доме есть детки!!!
    Можно устраивать такие замечательные прздники.


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