Thursday, October 20, 2011

Warm Pack Plushie Tutorial

This post was already guest posted at J and M's Eye Candy in October. I am reposting it here so that I can enter it in the CSI Haloween Extravaganza Challenge.

I am not sure if you guys have cherry pit warm/cold packs for the microwave or the oven and the freezer in the US. Here in Germany is a standard present for a newborn for all those Auas that children get over time. Here  there are also warm packs filled with grape seeds and rape seeds (that is the plant from which your good old canola oil is made from). All those seeds hold the warmth and coldness for a rather long time and are much safer than hot water bottles. Often those "pillows" are used in therapy for muscle pain, arthritis, colic etc. You should not really save your grape seeds or cherry pits to make those as they have to be be chemically cleaned in order to avoid any kind of mildew or other bugs. I did a short search for you and found some cherry pits here. 
I did not find any grape or rape seeds for you. I suppose it is possible that they are not sold in the US.

So without a further delay, let me introduce you to Brutus Wehus Tutus von bis and zur Auagone. He is a great companion for all those belly aches during Halloween.:)

Remember Paula, the Bowling Buddie? Well, one morning there were calls for help to hear in the dining room. Paula got stock while climbing the algues.

Auagone rushed immediately to save Paula. My love? Paula did not know that Auagone has secretly fallen in love with her.

:) and they lived happily ever after...:)

I was trying to be silly - hope u had a laugh. So let's make one together!

You will need: about 20 cm fleece fabric, some velcro, few wool felt scraps, a piece of cotton for the warm pack and some cherry pits.

1. Trace your pattern pieces.
2. Cut out the front face piece. Lay it down right side facing you. Trace the mouth piece and lay it on top of the face piece. Slide the fleece fabric for the inside of the mouth underneath the front piece- right side up. Pin and sew on the line.

3. Carefully cut the top, here blue fleece away, lay your teeth in place and secure with couple of stitches, then satin stitch around the mouth. After that, trim the fleece on the back.

4. I machine embroidered the pupil of the eye, but you can certainly sew a black piece of felt or fleece onto the eye circle. Pin the eye in place, secure with a running stitch and then with a satin stitch.

5. Make the hands and feet by sewing on the line, then cutting. I made the arms for Lisa's monster more complicated than they need to be. Take a look at the other monsters where I have simplified the arms. In this version I made the arms very long and added a piece of velcro so that one could wrap them around the body.

You can add some nails. I found it to be difficult to sew them on, so in the next versions I omitted this step as well.

the feet are shorter

6. Prepare the back pieces by tracing the front piece and cutting it in half. I embroidered the text with a machine. You can either omit this step or embroider by hand if you do not have an embroidery machine. when you are cutting each half, add 3 to 4 cm on top for the seam. The seams should overlap like in a pillow case. On each piece you will be attaching a piece of velcro. You can also sew on some hair as shown in the photos.

7. Assemble your monster, pin and sew. Trim and turn over.

8.Out of your cotton fabric make the cherry pit pillow by tracing the front pattern and sewing it with a bigger seam allowance. I used about 250 Gram of cherry pits. Do not make it too full. The pits should have some room to move around.

You are done! Now all those auas will be gone in minutes! You can heat the monster in the microwave for 1 to 2 minutes. Always check the temperature before u give it to your child. You can also cool him in the freezer. Put him in a plastic bag to do this. Always make sure that he stays dry to avoid any mildew inside.

While you are at it, make another front piece and apply it to a shirt. In the back of the shirt you can add the text Auagone using a freezer paper stencil and some fabric paint. See this tutorial. I did not have the time to do this on this shirt, but will later.

You can certainly fill him with candy or stuff him to make a simple softie. I hope that this was a fun tutorial to share.



  1. OMG!!! I really enjoyed your post--had to show it to my kids. The finished projects are just so stinkin' cute! Great job!


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