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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Easy abstract painting - tutorial

My little 2.5 year old artist has pre-k vacation so I do not have much time to craft, but we have been painting a lot. Tina was bringing beautiful paintings from the kindergarten and I asked how they make them. For the first kind you will need some box with flat bottom, a glass marble and some paint. Use a higher box if you can find one. Our marble jumped out a few times. secure the paper (we used thicker paper) to the bottom of the box with a dab of glue or scotch tape, make a couple of squirts of paint, throw the marble in and let the fun begin!

For the second kind, mix some water color and pour into a spray bottler or even better into a plastic water gun. Fix the paper somewhere outside on a fence and shoot.

Miss Picastina also made some pretty watercolors with the paintbrush. So pretty!

We also made some painted stones following the tutorial from Susan at Living with Punks. Sorry for the i-phone pic.

And some polymer clay beads and buttons for some more necklaces and other crafts.


  1. we LOVE marble painting! I ahve yet to try the point & shoot painting but it is on my To Do List! Love your stones - I want some badly!

    Thanks for sharing so many fabulous ideas - & you said you didn;t have time to craft! Looks like you were quite busy to me!


  2. PS - I shared on twitter & my new FB page! :)

  3. How totally cute are your buttons!!!


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