Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Franz der Baer - Hand Puppet Tutorial

Another motivation to make a Door Frame Puppet Theater for your little one...:)

Meet Franz der Baer. As promised, following a tutorial to make Franz.

You will need
  • some fell teddy fabric
  • some cotton scraps and a small piece of wool felt
  • bigger scrap of jersey or an old t-shirt
  • some teddy eyes with security latch
  • some embroidery thread
  • some stuffing
1. Trace and cut your pattern pieces.

2. Pin and sew center front head piece to the side front head piece right sides together matching B to B. Do this for both pieces.

3. Lay the head front pieces right sides together and stitch the center front part.

4. Make the ears. On one part zigzag the cotton fabric, then lay right sides together, sew, clip and turn. 

5. Attach the nose,embroider the mouth and attach the eyes. I trimmed some of the hair around the eyes.

6. Lay the head back pieces right sides together and stitch 
7. Lay front and back of the head pieces right sides together and sew. Do not forget to insert the ears.

8. Pin and zig zag the paws on the front main body piece
9. Lay the two main body pieces right sides together and sew. Clip curves. Do not turn yet

10. Slide the head into the main body. Be careful to have the face on the side where the paws are. Attach the head by hand. I found it to be easier holding my fingers inside of the head while sewing.

11. Stuff the head
12. Sew the lining and slide into the main body. Turn the bottom seams onto the inside and sew.

This pattern is not perfect. The puppet fits and works. If you decide to make Franz, please let me know your suggestions as to where and or how one could tweak the pattern.

Have fun!

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