Thursday, July 14, 2011

Door Frame Puppet Theater

In case you are checking back in for the promised "mystery project tutorial" I will have to disappoint you. Since yesterday I am laying in bed with high fever and the whole nine yards of a summer flue. Yes, please do feel bad for me.
I will make it very short. Thank you for all the comments that I received today. I will answer them when I feel better. I will offer you today only some photos of the projects and make the tutorial in a few days. One last thing: Never ever try to sew with fever! I am a recovering perfectionist and because I wanted to post the project as I promised you, I was gathering my last strengths to finish and to show and tell. Well, the result is that I made several small mistakes which I will have to fix later. Later. Now I would like to go back to bed please.

This a Puppet Theater to hang in the door frame with a shower curtain rod. I have think-ed up several activities (the book, the recorder and a multifunctional option for the type of play) to be connected with this theater as well as a few more puppets (did not make them yet) I will make you a detailed tutorial for everything.

This is where the theater can be stored to slide under the bed when not in use.

The idea with the clothes- pinned letters is to be able to change the name to "post office", "jungle", "store" - whatever. This way the children can learn spelling a bit. The additional letter making can be made into a family activity.

The next pic shows the other side where the puppets live and the activity stuff can be stored.

I hope you like it. See you soon.


  1. Ich wünsch dir gute Besserung! Boah ist das wieder toll geworden!

  2. Kasia, do you sell the theater? I would be interested in buying it if you did.


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