Saturday, July 9, 2011

The best Toy ever

Do your children also have toooo many toys? Tina usually gets her toys apportioned. She has 5 or 6 things out to play with and the other stuff is in bins or in the closet. When she is finished with something, she may clean up and get something else. I change the selection of toys every two weeks or so. Maybe this is weird to you, but I found that she is playing more intensively and concentrated if there is less stuff laying around.

Did you also realize that things that are not really toys are usually the best toys? For instant, Tina loves to play with containers and measure tape. Another thing is that children usually play with something for a day or two and it lands somewhere in the corner. So the swapping of toys is actually a good idea. If I get something out again after a long time, it seems as if she forgot it and plays with it as if it were a new toy.

Today I will show you Tina's best toy. Her Store.

We made this together by wrapping some cardboard boxes with wrapping paper and blackboard sticky- paper that we had at home. The long box is attached with some wire to a blackboard. Nothing special. It is not even made very nicely as Tina was helping:). But it seems to be her favorite toy! We bought a register and some play food. The cutest thing is that when we shop at her store, she gives us money. I have to try that at the supermarket:)

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  1. o my goodness this is so darling! i love it, and i think it so cute that she loves it so much!! :) she is precious!


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