Monday, June 20, 2011

Recycled and not so recycled experiments

Did I already mention that I put my fingers into everything? I have been experimenting with resin and shrink plastic using either bought scrap-booking paper or my own digital designs. I made those wooden “circles” a couple of years ago using a two part epoxy resin. I intended to make rings or necklaces out of it, but did not come to it yet. Working with two part resin is messy and time consuming. Maybe that is the reason why they are still laying there. 

As I have mentioned, I also played around with some shrink plastic. The results are nice, but I have not found a real use for the finished pieces yet.

The only useful part to the shrink plastic experiments were the little charms for childrens jewelry. While I was at it, I made some little gift boxes using my paper designs. Amazingly they are very stable.

We live in the south west of Germany. A nice wine region 15 minutes away from Switzerland and France. Pretty cool to have to drive through 2 countries to go to work or to casually drive to France for some shopping. Lots of green, nice weather, slow pace of life... What could you want more? PLEASE some Us kind of shopping!!! Lots of choice and decent prices . Pretty please?!
Most of the cool scrap-booking stuff comes here in shops with a 2 years delay and costs about twice as much as in the US. Ugh. I get care packages every now and then and abuse my husbands colleagues who fly on business to the Us. Not to mention the empty suitcases when I am on a visit in NY.

Do not ask me why but I have been saving crown bottle caps for a while with the thoughts of using them someday for something. Maybe filling them with resin etc and making jewelry out of them or for scrap-booking. As Tina was about a year old, she loved filling them from container to container. So I did save them for a reason - :) As I was searching on the internet for ideas what I could do with those I came across a tutorial for bottle cap necklaces using Glossy Accents from Ranger. The same effect as with the resin, but no mess. Removing the lining from the bottle caps was a nightmare. I was able to purchase Glossy Accents here in Germany but none of the pretty colored bottle caps. A care package was necessary.

You know these for sure. They seem to be a big trend among the kids in the US. You always have a base necklace and the bottle caps are attached to the base with a magnet. Cool idea.

This brought me to another idea: what else can one recycle into pretty things? I do care for nature a lot, but I am in no way a tree hugger. I have truly learned to appreciate nature since we have moved here. Germany has a very intricate recycling system. We recycle just about everything. Things get separated into special containers and bottles can be brought back to the store and yes, we do turn off the water tap when brushing teeth or while showering. Searching for ideas, I came across a Turkishdesigner, Gulnur Ozdaglar who uses PET bottles for jewelry. Fascinating! I had to try it.

Did I ever mention that I put my fingers into everything? Oh, I did not think so.

The last 3 weeks I have been cutting bottles up and experimenting. We even drove to France and bought some drinks in colorful bottles (in Germany you only get translucent, green and brown bottles). I have to thank my husband at this point for drinking all the weird tasting things that so I could have my bottles. Thank you Tim!

Trying and trying this is what I came up with so far and I must say: I like it. What do you think?


  1. beautiful. the plastic jewelry is very cute!

  2. WOW! They are awesome! What a lovely idea!

    Found you via Funky Polkadot Giraffe

  3. love the plastic jewelry
    came via:
    Mickey Wherritt

  4. Was für ein unglaublich toller Blog! Habe Dich über den Recycling-Freitag bei Nina gefunden und bin ganz begeistert! Hier schau ich ab jetzt öferts vorbei!
    LG Jenny

  5. An adorable idea! and the jewelry is SO beautiful - i love it and i even would wear it!

    many greetings


  6. Die Ketten sehen super aus! die Ringe natürlich auch,
    ach einfach alles was du so receycelst!!!!!!
    Liebe Grüße
    Die Matte hält übrigens super gut!


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