Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nikita the hobby horse tutorial

Nikita, the horse lady was sick last week. The poor girl had to withstand shots and hammering in order to get better.


As I posted my sock doll bowling set tutorial, Britney from jandmseyecandy said that she was glad that I was letting go and creating my own stuff. Thank you so much Britney for encouraging me! So here it is: Letting go phase 2 - The Hobby Horse.

Wanna make one too? You can download the pattern here. Enlarge it by 200%.


- about 50 x 100 cm fleece fabric
- scrap of felt for the nose
- scrap of fabric for the ears 
- about 46 cm bias tape or a scrap of fabric 48mm wide x 46 cm
- hot glue gun
- yarn for the hair

- wiggle eyes to sew on
- 1.2 meter ribbon for the harness
- 2 d rings or similar
- wooden dowel about 60 cm
- polyester stuffing

Lets do it

1. Enlarge the pattern by 200% and cut: 
-1 face piece on fold, one neck piece on fold out of fleece
- 2 ears out of fleece and 2 out of other fabric
- 1 nose front piece out of fleece

- Nostrils out of felt scrap piece
- 1 strip for the neck band out of cotton or use bias tape 25 mm wide

2. Place the ear pieces right sides together, sew and clip corners, turn and iron. Set aside

3. sew the darts into the nose front piece as marked.

It should look something like this from the front and back.

4. Sew the nostrils on

5. Fold the face piece right sides together and sew the side

6. Pin and sew the front of the nose

7. Cut some strips of yarn and lay it on top of the face piece. More or less in the middle. Secure with a line of stitches.

 8. Cut strips of yarn for the hair and lay it on the right side of the neck piece. Fold over, pin and sew.

 9. Sew the bias tape on as marked and pull a ribbon through it

 10. Fold the ears onto the inside of themselves as seen in picture and pin into place. 

 11. Pin and sew the neck and the face piece together

 12. take a scrap of any fabric and some stuffing and wrap the wooden dowel. Use some hot glue to secure.

 13. Stuff your horse. When you get to about 3/4 of the way down the neck, insert the dowel pushing down firmly. Continue to stuff. When you are finished stuffing, pull the ribbon tight and make a double knot. secure the fleece fabric onto the wooden dowel with some hot glue.
14. If you like, pollster the bottom of the dowel in a similar way as we did on top, but make it a bit nicer. Secure with hot glue. This is to prevent injury and scratched floors.
15. Give your horse a haircut and sew the eyes on.

16. make the harness. Cut two 28cm pieces of ribbon and sew it onto your d rings. Sew another about 60 cm long piece of ribbon for the top. Secure one side of the harness with a couple of stitches onto the horse to prevent choking hazard.

 17. Voila! Name your horse and have a cup of coffee.

Let me know how yours turned out.

Thank you K for showing me how yours turned out!

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  1. o my goodness this is SOOOO DARLING~!! I LOVE it!!! thanks for linking, i may attempt this someday and ill let ya know!!

  2. You are so so so creative! LOve how these turned out! THANK YOU for the tutorial too!! And THANK YOU so much for linking up to Help a Momma Out Tuesday!! We appreciate it!! Fabulous idea!!!!!!!


  3. Oh my gosh! This is just adorable. And even more adorable is the little doctor taking care of her sick horsie. Just too cute.

    I've never seen patterns offered on Picasa and don't see how to download those from that site. If you could help I'd really appreciate more info about that. Thank you so much.

  4. Hi Kasia!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! This project turned out too cute!! Great tutorial!! Your little girl is adorable!!

  5. Vicky made a good point. You have to right click on the picassa web album pattern jpg in order to download it. However Vicky was not sure if the saved picture would have the right size etc. Hmm. I do not know. Until I figure this out or find a better solution to link to the pattern, I am going to put a size check box on the jpg pattern page. Does anyone have experience or suggestions for a solution? Thank you

  6. Das Pferd ist sooooooooo süß! Ich hoffe ich finde Zeit zum ausprobieren. Das Tutorial sieht super aus. Dankeschön!

  7. Just saw you over on 733...so cute! :) New follower. I have a link party every Wednesday...you should link this up! :)


  8. wow! super cute!

  9. hey girl:) just so you know i featured these on Tell me Tuesday!!! come grab a feature button if you would like!

  10. This is adorable! I'm going to have to save this link for later once I have my baby and he gets old enough to play!

  11. This really is adorable, a friend made me some horses once and I never realized the work that goes into making one.
    And of course I love your cute little nurse in the making. Creative friends, 4 happy kids, Dawn

  12. THESE are so cute! I don't sew but it looks like maybe I could pull these off . I love them!

  13. adorable! This past Feb we were looking for the perfect hobby horse for my horse loving cowgirl! How I wish I could have done this myself - yours look amazing!!!

    I am featuring them on this week's Sunday Showcase! :) Be sure to stop by & pick up your featured button.

    Thanks for linking this up to the Sunday Showcase!Hope to see you link up this weekend on the Sunday Showcase. Looking forward to seeing what you have to share.


  14. I just made one! Thanks for the tutorial.

    Come and see...

  15. wow! These are ace!
    My girls have commercially made hobby horses that they have loved, but I might have a go at these as a Christmas present for my big boy! Pinning this!

  16. Классные лошади, - не стандартные!!!
    Они более забавные. чем другие. В эти выходные буду шить из джинсы к дню рождения нашей дочери

  17. I've used this to make my own for my three little people and have linked to your blog from mine. You can also see my ones on my blog.
    Thank you for a great pattern!

  18. Hi Kasia,

    super süß die Pferdchen! Muss ich bei dem Schnitt noch die Nahtzugabe mit einplanen oder ist die schon enthalten?

    Vielen Dank!!


  19. Hi Nadelpicks

    Die Nahtzugaben sind enthalten. Wenn Du welche noch dazu gibst, wird das Steckenpferd halt die Nahtzugabe entsprechend grösser. So oder so wird sollte es gut funktionieren. Schöne Feiertage!

  20. I was just wondering what "position for tunnel" meant on the pattern? Is that where the harness will be?

    1. Hallo Lanai

      Sorry for the late answer. I was away to a trade show. the position for the tunnel is where one puts in the ribbon to tie the bottom of the neck of the horse. Does that help?
      Best greetings


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