Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Door Sign

This cool door sign is not really my original idea. A friend has a similar one that she got as a gift and unfortunately she did not know where it was purchased. Because of this I cannot officially credit the idea originator, but whoever you are - thank you for the inspiration!

I figured that one can make pretty much any figure other than the cat, but we like cats. Here is a sketch of some ideas for other animals and forms for such a door sign.

- piece of wood particle board 30 x 30 cm
- piece of quilt batting 29 x 29 cm
- piece of cover fabric 33 x 33 cm
- piece of gray felt fabric
- scrap of pink felt for the ears
- scraps of felt for the letters
- wiggle eyes and some fabric glue
- embroidery threads
- polyester stuffing
- sewing machine or needle and thread
- double sided tape, a strong one for attaching the sign to the door
- staple gun


1. Trace the cat pattern onto your felt and embroider / attach all the facial features
2. Place the finished piece on another piece of gray felt face down and sew straight stitch all around
3. cut out with pinking scissors
4. cut an opening on the back, turn and stuff
5. sew the opening shut set aside
6. prepare your felt letters - decorate as you wish - I embroidered the edges
7. attach the letters with a few stitches to the base fabric - use the piece of wood as your template
8. attach your cat with a couple of stitches
9. place the batting onto your wood and position the fabric over it
10. turn your project over and staple the fabric onto the back of the wood pulling the fabric to eliminate any wrinkles. You are finished!

Tip: If you do not want to glue the sign onto your door, attach a ribbon or other string to the back and put a small nail to the top of the door hanging the sign like a picture.

Sorry that I do not have a step by step or rather picture by picture instructions for you. I made this sign before I was blogging but decided to share it with you anyway. You can download my cat sketch here, and please contact me with any questions.

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