Friday, June 17, 2011

Clothes Part 1

Before Tina was born I did not sew a lot. Cushions, curtains etc was all I could make. Having a girl is lots of fun because you can "decorate" them with the cutest clothes and accessories. I know, one has to be careful not to "decorate" the child:) I do not make patterns, but I do adjust the bought ones to my liking. I use Burda, Portabello Pixi, Farbenmix, Studio Tantrum as well as some Etsy Designer Patterns like those from Mani Mina. A great book I would recommend is Sewing Clothes Kids Love. The authors are German designers that design patterns that last. Meaning, your child can wear the beautiful clothes you made for 2 to 3 years.

The very first piece of clothing I made for Tina was a top and pants from a Burda Pattern which I adorned with an applique. The Idea for the applique I got from a fabric book we had. It was fun because she was always playing with the hands of the frog. The head scarf I made from a triangle. This outfit fitted for almost 2 years.

Another great pattern source that I use is the Ottobre Magazine. Very pretty and easy to sew European patterns. Following are a couple of examples that I managed to make. Most of the patterns that I choose to make are the kind that will last longer in terms of size. The pants and tunics get shorter, but most of the stuff last about 2 years.

The applique on top is on the back of the pants and the two pears on the front. I used an embroidery machine and bought the embroidery files. Unfortunately I do not remember where I purchased the files, so I cannot give credit.

front of pants
back of pants
matching T- Shirt. T-shirt and the embroidery file are bought.

 these are really cute puffy shorts!

A really cool pattern from Farbenmix is the Oda Dress. I have been using this pattern for over 2 years and the smallest size that I made was fitting for about a year an a half. Mind you, Tina is growing as if I were feeding her yeast. She is now 2 and a half and I need clothes for her for 4 to 5 years.

Prinzicke is not a real word. Prinz is for a princess and Zicke is a description for a silly, prude girl. Zicke for a grown woman would equal to a bit..

Another nice pattern from Farbenmix by designer Anja Müssig of is a sort of tunic for the winter. The pants are a basic pattern from Burda. The appliques are bought embroidery files and the circles on the brown outfit are an idea from another pattern from Ottobre Magazine.

Last but not least something from a Portabello Pixi pattern. I find those patterns to be very nice, but some of the instructions are too complicated for me.

By the way, this is Tina today. The days of making clothes the way I like are getting shorter as my little Prinzicke is starting to say: I am not wearing this! he he Where I have to say, usually if I make something for her, she is proud telling all that mom made it for her and does wear it.

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