Monday, June 20, 2011

Clothes part 3

I have been playing around with other clothing embellishment techniques. I tend to put my fingers into everything and to try out. Hand embroidery is very time consuming, but it looks very nice and one can embroider everywhere. Machine embroidery is a neat choice, but some already sewn clothing is not very easy to to hoop.
This is a work- in- progress for a reversible lightweight jacket in a kimono style and the same pattern for a shirt or blouse if you will.The bird and the bird cage are coming from Embroidered Effects by Jenny Heart One day I will finish it...

In the last 2 pictures you see an experimental combination of machine applique and fabric paints. Tina I think that it looks neat. One cannot see in the picture but some of the fabric paints glitter and sparkle - sparkle is a big thing now for Tina. 

What I also tried is a machine applique in 3D. Here is a fleece jacket that unfortunatelly did not come out right and that is why I did not even finished it. Somewhere in the cutting and sewing process I made too many mistakes - will have to try again one day.
Another way to make some cute custom children clothing is to adorn bought pieces of clothing. Applique, iron-ons, hot set stones.

I have been experimenting with reversed applique combining it with the use of fabric paints. The results I achieved are not perfect- need more practice but the flexibility and possibilities are endless. I use fabric paints from Marabu. Check out the Advent Calender post to see some other results using fabric paints. This applique was inspired by Scandinavian Stitches by Kajsa Wikmann.

This horse applique is a disaster, but Tina likes it so all I can do is to try to hide this dress in her closet until it does not fit anymore.

I recently bought some special stencils for fabric and some foils for fabric. I will let you know when I try them. Meanwhile I have to finish some other projects that I started and practice more with the fabric paints.

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