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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wool Felt Carpet

This is still a work in progress, and trust me the progress is very slow...
it is going to be a carpet, yes a carpet out of wool felt balls or beads if you may. You need to make the felt beads using the wet felting technique. Here is a link that explains how that works. Another link here. Since you need over a thousand of them to make a carpet between 90 and 100 cm, I recommend that you either make a felt ball making party offering lots of snacks and wine, or that you calculate several months to make these. I was way too lazy and made only about a 100 before my skin stated to peel off :) from the hot water and rubbing and bought the rest from a local craft woman. It is a pricey project, but it looks and feels fantastic! Wool felt is dirt and water repellent from nature, but I would not place this finished carpet in a high traffic area or in children's room where they can spill sweet drinks or throw up over it.

To make your balls you will need wool fibers which you can get for instance here. I use fine Merino Wool. If your skin is also peeling and you would like to finish your carpet sooner than later, just buy some hand made ones. You just have to make sure that they are all about the same size. I used 2 cm. This shop has nice looking ones 18 pcs for 11 USD. Once you have your beads lined up, you will need a strong tapestry thread and a long, thick needle. Next, you will string the beads in your choice of color sequence onto the string. My daughter was calling them snakes. Once you have those lined up you will roll them and begin to sew them together.
The first few rows should be rolled and sewn together tightly, after a few rows you can loosen up the stitches.
Notice, that I am always sewing the under- row to the top row.

It does not matter what the stitches look like on the underside as they will be covered later. When the desired size is finished, sew or hot glue an anti skid mat.


  1. Hi Kasia, really like this one and have been with that right from the beginning :-)Big hug Petra

  2. Liebe Kasia,
    ich bin bei der Suche nach Filzkugelteppichen auf Deinen Blog gestoßen. Dein Teppich ist ein Traum. Du hast ihn inzwischen sicherlich fertig gestellt. Welchen Durchmesser hat er und wieviele Kugeln hast Du gebraucht. Ich habe mir ausgerechnet, dass ich für einen 120cm runden Teppich ca. 1500 Kugeln (20mm) benötige. Ist viel Arbeit oder? Und so günstig sind die Kugeln ja nun auch nicht. Ich würde mich freuen, von Dir zu hören unter info(ät)benbino(dot)de

    Liebe Grüße

  3. Liebe Kasia,
    jetzt weiß ich nicht, ob mein Kommentar weg ist, deshalb nochmal :)

    Ich bin auf der Suche nach Filzkugelteppichen auf Deinen Blog gestoßen. Dein Teppich ist ein Traum. Ich möchte auch gerne einen herstellen und habe ausgerechnet, dass ich für einen 120cm runden Teppich ca. 1500 Kugeln (20mm) benötige. Kommt das ungefähr hin? Da die Kugeln nicht gerade preiswert sind, frage ich mich, ob sich das für mich überhaupt lohnt. Ich würde mich freuen, von Dir zu hören über Deine Erfahrungen beim Zusammennähen. Meine email info(ät)benbino(dot)de

    Viele liebe Grüße

  4. Hallo Ute

    ich habe auch gerade solch einen Teppich gemacht. Ichkonnte 1600 Filzkugeln für 32 Euro erwerben. schau doch mal bei ebay, dann lohnt sich der Teppich auf jeden FAll noch.

    Gruß Bianca

  5. Hallo Ute

    ich habe 1600 Filzkugeln für 32 Euro bekommen. Einfach mal bei ebay schauen.

    Gruß Bianca

  6. Hi Kaisa
    Lovely work. Question for you. I have a rug made of the wool ball like yours, but the wooolis getting loose and fuzzy how do you maintain and fix it?

    1. Hallo Adrian
      It can happen that the felt balls fuzz a bit especially when they were not felted tightly. Did you make it yourself- the balls? or did you make it from bought balls? what I would try is to buy some felting soap- here in Germany we have an express felting liquid from a company named Ryher, but I sippose that any felting soap or liquid will do. The I would pour some very hot water over the rug in a tub, put the soap on it and rub it in a circular motion for a while. Then rinse well and let dry. When everything is dry you could pick or carefully shave the left over fuzzies away. Let me know if that worked.


  7. Hi Kasia, I'm curious how many felt balls did you end up needing for the rugs?

    1. Hey J :-)

      Ohhh, it was somethjing over a 1000. I would not do it again!!!




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