Saturday, May 21, 2011

Stuffed pig

I bought this and another great pattern from Ikatbag. She makes some amazing stuff for herr children including some super cool cardboard projects. Our children today have so many toys and grew up having no idea about value and what it means to make something. On the other hand things like this pig or the Toadstool or the Chicken and the cardboard projects that this amazing artist made, allow the children to explore and develop their phantasie.
I was inspired by LiEr and made a carboard store together with Tina. It is one of her favorite toys. Many other bought toys end up in a corner somewhere, but somehow, probably because she helped making it, she plays with it all the time and that alredy for monts.

I simply melt away and get inspired to make more stuff for her when I live through situations like the one with a sponge... Tina ripped her blackboard sponge in 2 pieces once. She was about 1. 75 of a year. She came to me and cried. I told her: "Oh now it is broken", she answered: " Mommie make me a new one" I had to smile. She then suggested that we tape it,- again because she has seen me making stuff - and realized that that does not work. Next, she tried screwing it together with her play- screw driver. :)
In other situations, where she received bought things, she often asked: " Mommie did you make/ sew that for me?"
At this point I would like to thank LiEr for sharing her work and inspiring me so much. If I were a child I would like to have a mom like her:)

This is my version of Ikatbag's pig. I added some decorations and also made a daddy pig as Tina was shocked that there was no daddy pig. By the way, as I gave her the pig, she went tottaly nuts and was riding it for the better part of the day. With the lactating part, she had some trouble to understand until I showed her a video on Youtube how baby pigs drink from their mom.


  1. Oh Kasia, I love your pig family! I am so glad you invited me to come visit so I could see what beautiful work you do! Thank you for buying my pattern and for all your compliments! My children rode their big pig too! It must be because of its size that children want to sit on it all day long!

    1. hi lier thanks for the pttern!!
      im gonna make it, and just want to know the size and measurement if you could help me, thanks

  2. Kasia Love your pigs!!! What a great job..........they are so adorabe.You always been so talented!! Love you Susan Guglielmo

  3. hi kasia, im so interest to make this pig when i saw it just last nite, so then i purcahse the pattern too from lier, but i wonder.. what are the size and the measurement, coz i seem cant figure it out... thanks in advance


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