Sunday, May 22, 2011

Easter Chicken

Tania Ennor posted this free chicken pattern called The Chickummyjig on her blog Myrtle & Eunice. Thank you so much Tania for sharing this and other cool ideas and patterns!
For our easter chickens I added some pockets for two of them and a kind of pillow pouch in one to hide some candy and small things that the "easter bunny" brought. No one have seen or heard him, but he has also left a small present behind the door as well as a chocolate egg trail to the back of the house where he hid some other stuff. 

Check out the cute strawberries out of felt. Those are from a free pattern and tutorial from Ikatbag. I strang them here for the easter decorations, but normally they are in tinas store for sale or to feed the animals.

 The one with the pouch pocket could be also used as an egg cozy. Speaking of egg cozies, I made one out of felt for Tina. Ment to make a whole family, but one one hand I did not have the time, and on the other wet felting does not work for me so well.
What I also made were felt monster eggs. The original idea I got from aherjasper at Etsy. She makes some fantastic figures using the needle felting technique. You can get a set of 6 figures for only 85 USD. I made mine myself as with the shipping and customs to Germany I would have to pay almost twice that. If you are living in the US, please visit her shop and reward yourself.

Scrambled or over easy?

this is really cool, Algue from Vitra. Those a re plastic algue shapes that you can arrange any way you like and connect them. They come in a few colors and packages of 25 or 50.  You hang them either on a wall or in the window. We use them on the wall for seasonal decorations, cards drawings etc.

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