Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Door Mobile

"Mommie, we live here!" - says my little one when we are at the door. Here in Germany it is very popular to have something hanging at the door. Mobiles of any sort are popular here. For the door, most people have a wreath of some sort. People with small children have usually something more colorful and all change their door decoration according to the season. I do not even remember, do u guys in the US hang stuff on your doors?
Well, anyway I will show you our spring- summer mobile and will dig out the winter one to show you.

I am not a seamstress, and have made this pattern up as I went along. I have also never written any kind of a tutorial:) This is my first one. Hopefully with time I can write better tutorials.
You will need a background fabric of your choice, a piece of quilting batting, a piece of 5mm textile felt for the back, wool felt for the girl, some ribbon for the hair, for the string in her hands and for the bottom portion. If you do not have a "bird" fabric - I used my leftovers from the Ikea fabric that I already used in Tina's room, I will give you two sketches of birds that you can make either out of scrap fabric or wool felt. Optional is fabric paint for the face and the exchangeable letters. I use Marabu. Last but not least, thread, sewing machine, some stuffing, bis tape and some clothes pins for the letters. 

Download the pattern here nad here

Reduce or enlarge the pattern to the desired size. Our is about 42 cm top to bottom. Print the pattern pieces and align on the letter A. Trace the appropriate pieces onto fabric and cut. Take the background fabric and the batting. Trace the swirls and flowers onto the background fabric, pin together and embroider by hand. Next, apply the felt pieces of the girl, either by hand or with the machine. When you are applying the hands slip your string or ribbon underneath before sewing on. Paint on the facial features. If you are not painting them, embroider before applying. Next make the birds.

Download the bird sketch here

Assemble your mobile. Lay the finished front left sides together onto the back fabric and pin well. I used quilters safety pins to prevent puckering of the quilted piece. Finish all around with bias tape. When finished, attach the hanging ribbon and the ribbon for the birds with a couple of hand stitches from the back. String the bottom ribbon onto a thick tapestry or carpet needle and string the birds on. I also used some colorful wooden beads in between the birds. Cut out desired lettering out of wool felt. I decorated mine with fabric paints, but you can also embroider. Let your child pin the letters to the string in the girl's hands. You are finished! Hang it on the door. Now you know where you live.

In the beginning of the post I talked about the snowman. This isn't the best picture, but believe me, he looks really cute. You will need 3 wavy metal rings (i do not know what else to call them). You can get those in your local craft store in the florist section. White thread, glitter glue from the scrapbooking section, some wire for attaching the pieces together and some beads or small X-mas balls for the eyes, nose etc.

Wrap the thread all around the ring, decorate with the glitter glue, assemble the single pieces together, add buttons, eyes, mouth, nose. Attach a string for hanging on top. Now you will know during the winter where you live.
Another nice mobile I made from the Spool free bird pattern. Check out their online store for nice fabrics, patterns and kits. Thank you to the spool team for sharing.

This project made the Top Ten in the Weekly Challenge at The CSI Project



  1. Hi Kasia,
    That is the cutest mobile I've ever seen!! way to go! I'm stopping by as the guest judge from CSI Project!
    happy crafting,

  2. Congratulations on making the top ten over at CSI! This is really cute!


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