Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cloth Doll

This is Lala. Lala in Polish means doll and because she is singing, we named her so. Lala is a very happy 29 cm. toll person who likes to cuddle, play and sing. She also likes to share some candy which she hides in her dress' pocket.

You can download the pattern part 1 and part 2 here. Again, I am not a seamstress and this is the second or third pattern that I drew for myself. My doll came out ok, but I remember that as I was sewing her, I had to improvise a bit here and there. Your comments to improve the pattern are welcome.

1. Reduce or enlarge the pattern to the desired size. Our Lala is about 29 cm. Seam allowances are not included.
2. Trace the arms and legs onto your canvas fabric. I painted my shoes on with fabric paint (washable after heat setting). If you would like to sew the shoes on, do so before sewing the leg together. Sew first, then cut out with pinking scissors
3. Turn and stuff.
4. Trace and cut out the body piece out of canvas fabric. Lay it right sides together pinning the stuffed arms and legs on the inside. Sew leaving an opening to turn. Turn and stuff firmly.
5. Cut out the dress pieces. Zigzag the bottoms of the lining pieces Lay one the lining pieces (top portion of the dress pattern till the dotted line) and one of the full dress pieces right sides together and sew all around the neck and underarms. Repeat for the second part. Turn and iron. Sew the pocket on the front dress piece. Lay the front and back dress pieces right sides together and sew. Iron the seams and zigzag if necessary. Iron and sew the bottom seam and sew on the decorative ribbon if you like.
6. Trace the tights onto a double folded piece of fabric. Right sides together. Sew then cut out and zigzag the seams if necessary. Clip the seams on the curve between the legs. Iron and turn. You can machine sew the top and bottom seams and insert an elastic if you like the tights to be removable. I hand stitched mine needle turning the seams.
7. Cut the hair out of wool felt and sew right sides together on the dotted lines. Turn and stuff the pigtails.
8. Try if the hair fits. Depending on how firmly you stuffed the head, you might have to trim the felt a bit on the sides at the back of the head. Sew the hair on with a matching thread and attach the pigtail ribbons.
9. Paint or embroider the face. If you are painting, heat set in the oven according to manufacturers directions.
10.Dress your doll. I made my clothes non removable. If you want the dress to be removable, attach snaps at the shoulders.
11. Hide something in the pocket and let your little on enjoy.

If a singing face expression is not your thing, maybe you can be inspired by this sketch or create your own expression. For the hair you can also use wool if you like.
My very first doll for Tina was Clara made from the Hatched and Patched pattern. Too bad that the dress (pattern from Burda) fitted only 2 summers.

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