Friday, May 20, 2011

Acrylic and Metal Beads

Acrylic Beads
There are many kinds like the ones made out of polyclay or resin. The only kind that I have ever used are the miracle and wonder beads as the have a nice lustre to them and do not look so inexpensive. Acrylic beads are adequate for children jewelry. I would avoid using them in bridge jewelry designs. There is one kind of high tech plastic bead, however that I have used quiet often.
They are called Polaris and are made in Europe. They are a very high quality high tech plastic and have a wonderful feel and lustre to them.

Young girls necklace out of acrylic and glass beads

Miracle acrylic beads with some glass tubes a hand made silver foil glass bead

Wonder acrylic beads with some Czech fire polished glass and a Cloisonne pendant

Polaris high tech plastic beads with some Swarovski Crystal®

Metal Beads
I only use Sterling Silver or Gold Fill beads and components. My favorite are those from Bali.

In th eprevious post you will see that I use Metal Beads as an accent or a focal point

Celestial Crystal® beads with Czech pressed glass and a Cloisonne Pendant

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  1. Kasia - I'm loving your style! Your photography makes those colours look amazing...


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