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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

 I feel so honored to have been offered this award from Rikka at Ricochet and Away. Thank you so much Rikka. It feels nice to be recognized, but I cannot accept in its entirety. I am going to reveal the 7 things about me and explain myself below.

The rules after accepting the Versatile Blogger Award are:

  1. Thank the person who gave the award and link back to them in your post.
  2. Share 7 things about yourself.
  3. Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs.

Seven things about me
1.  I moved from a city with over 8 million to a town of 2,500. Everything is closed at 8 PM and on Sundays, but I am about 10 minutes drive from Switzerland and France where everything is also closed on Sundays.

2.  Although one would never notice, where I live now, some people have cows, chicken and sheep

3.  Crafting supplies are twice as expensive here (in comparison to the US)

4.  I have fabrics, beads and papers that I do not use because they are too pretty and I am afraid that I could not get them again. I often look at them and then put them back in my closet.

5.  I hate to iron

6.  I am very self- critical and a recovering perfectionist. This is not so great because I never think out loud that things that I make are nice or worthy and if something  I made is not perfect, I do not like it or give up. Everything that everyone else makes is fantastic. I am working on it.:)

7.  I am excited to participate at the Retro Pillow Challenge. Please visit and vote.

Now to the last requirement. I have to admit with all the honestly, that this made me feel uncomfortable. First of all because I had a hard time choosing the 15 people that I would give an award to and second of all, because I do not approve of chain mailing.I think that it feels nice to receive an award and to get more visitors and members, but this way to do it, made me feel uneasy. I was very concerned about naming people and putting them in a situation to name another 15 people. In all the contemplation, I decided to first ask the people that I would have chosen, if I had to. Not to my surprise, most of the people rejected, as they either already received such an award several times, and/ or were uncomfortable having to name 15 blogs. When I started to blog, Kim from 733, who was the first person that featured me (thank you Kim) told me to do my thing and to stay true to myself. So I am following her advice and braking the chain link here by making the following statement:

1. I think that 99.9% of the creative blogs out there are amazing. 
2. If I am following your blog, and I do only follow the ones that I read regularly, you deserve an award.
3. This is not any kind of critique on Rikka. I am just following my principles.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hair accessories and jewelry Utensilo for the door

If you have a girl, you most likely have hair- bands, necklaces, scrunchies etc laying everywhere. We do! Especially since I made all the hairpins, hair- bands, necklaces and brooches for my little princess. (see 1, 2, 34, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, ) In order to have a dedicated place for all this pretty stuff and to try to tech Tina that she has to put things in their place I mad her this organizer to hang on the bathroom door. I have also been trying to use up my scraps and I have some bigger pieces that are too small for clothes, but big enough for a project like this.

This tutorial will no longer be available for a free download.

This project was featured on

Felt and wood pig necklace

As I was making all the flowers the past few weeks (see posts Flowers galore- Part1, Part2, Part3 and Part4) I came across the idea to make a mini felt- stuffy necklace for Tina. The first one I made was to express herself during her many "no" and the few "yes" days. Well, I liked it so much that I had to make a few more.
Here is Tina's favorite, the piggy. The necklace is child safe, as a necklace can be. The beads are wood and saliva proof. The felt and the embroidery threads are plant died and the rubber cord prevents choking. Please note, that in the photo I have a magnetic clasp. I re-did the necklace later using a rubber cord that is tied and the knot hidden in one of the beads as I was concerned about the safety of the metal clasp. The magnet is very strong. So aside from the potential choking hazard, OK for children that do not put things in their mouths anymore.

Also see Doll Necklace, Fish Necklace and Daniel Necklace

Another wool felt necklace - Daniel

Remember the sock dolls? Remember Daniel?

I made a Daniel necklace for Tina. This is similar to the "yes or no" and fish necklace.

Doll necklace

Yet another necklace fro the little fashion conscious princess on a pea pod. And yes, there is some irony in this statement. :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

T- Shirt refashion - Tutorial

In a previous post I showed you the product from Ryher that I recently discovered. Let me show you how I made these T-Shirts.

You will need: MyStyle special glue, fine flitter, fabric paints (I use Marabu), stencils, stencil fixative spray, rub- off foils and optional hot set stones.

Lets make the chick t-shirt first. The idea for the bird t-shirt is the same, except I combined the rub off foil with the flitter.

Place the stencil on your t-shirt and apply some of the glue. This stencil is not self adhesive, so I used some temporary spay- on adhesive.

 Spread it with a brush making sure that you have a good coverage, but be careful not to overdo it. Be careful not to get any of the glue under the edges of the stencil or you will not get crisp lines. I did it from the outside onto the inside. As you can see, we had a stain on this t-shirt that I could not get out. No problem. Got covered with the chicken:)

Cover the glue with the fine flitter. Remove the stencil carefully and carefully shake off the rest of the flitter into a bowl. You can save the flitter for making other pictures or the rainbow fish. Iron to set according to the manufacturers instructions.

Remove the left over flitter and proceed to do the other colors in the same manner.

I did not want everything with flitter, so I used some fabric paints.

I added some hot set stones. First, I wanted to do the lettering in stones, but realized that I did not have enough of the same color, so I used a glitter fabric paint liner.

The plastic eye is the kind that you can sew on. This project is washable (turn it inside out) at 40 degrees Celsius. Cute, right?

For the birdie t-shirt, I used a screen printing stencil from Ryher. It is self adhesive. I spread the glue with the special rake, placed the rub off foil shiny side up and ironed according to the manufacturers directions. Next I dabbed some more of the glue and put some flitter on top and ironed it again. Voila! Also washable.

Next week I will show you how I made those:

This project was featured at

Felt and wood Rainbow Fish necklace, brooch and hair pin

Tina likes the rainbow fish and I think that most of the children do. As I was making those I discovered something potentially cool.

 Do not know - you have to tell me. It is a product from a German company called Rayher. I have no idea if you guys can buy this in the US. I quickly did a search, but only found it in GB. Possibly you  have similar products to purchase. I have not seen projects using any of these or similar in the blog land.

Anyhow, it is a line of special fabric stencils. They are almost like the ones used in screen printing. You get very detailed and clean results using those. The also have fabric paints, but because I am totally in love with Marabu fabric paints, I am not willing to try. Then the coolest (drum roll please!) is a special glue that you can apply to fabric, cover with flitter or rub- off foil, iron it and becomes like a rubbery texture that we know from T-shirts and the best - it is washable!

This is what the stencils look like and the foil underneath. In the white areas is a mesh like fabric and the stencils are self adhesive. Cool!

But back to the actual project I wanted to show you. Using the special glue, flitter, the rub- off foil and some hot set stones I made the rainbow fish accessories.  I made a necklace, a hairpin and a brooch in the same style.

My friend liked it so much, that I had to make one right away for her neece in France. I did not get feedback yet, but I think she will like her Bluppi Blubb.

In the next post I will show you a t-shirt refashion project with this cool product.

Easy abstract painting - tutorial

My little 2.5 year old artist has pre-k vacation so I do not have much time to craft, but we have been painting a lot. Tina was bringing beautiful paintings from the kindergarten and I asked how they make them. For the first kind you will need some box with flat bottom, a glass marble and some paint. Use a higher box if you can find one. Our marble jumped out a few times. secure the paper (we used thicker paper) to the bottom of the box with a dab of glue or scotch tape, make a couple of squirts of paint, throw the marble in and let the fun begin!

For the second kind, mix some water color and pour into a spray bottler or even better into a plastic water gun. Fix the paper somewhere outside on a fence and shoot.

Miss Picastina also made some pretty watercolors with the paintbrush. So pretty!

We also made some painted stones following the tutorial from Susan at Living with Punks. Sorry for the i-phone pic.

And some polymer clay beads and buttons for some more necklaces and other crafts.

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